Principal Message

We promise that Sswings Preschool will provide an exceptionally nurturing and stimulating environment for children to explore, express and excel as confident global citizens flourishing in the competitive world of tomorrow. We have passionate, committed and experienced faculty who have been trained by a team of well known pedagogists to ensure your child receives the best global early childhood education.

Early childhood is a time of wonder, openness and insatiable curiosity. Our integrated curriculum based on a blend of play way and Montessori method strives to develop a sense of excitement, discover and joy of learning amongst the children.

Children are invited to explore and develop freely under the reassuring and confident care of their teachers in a safe, dynamic and nurturing environment. Sswings Preschool makes an early beginning in cultivating the core values of confidence, courage, competence, creativity, courtesy, compassion and commitment for lifelong success and happiness.

Mrs. Rajni Chabbra


The developmental program that Sswings Preschool in Gurgaon undertakes is a holistic, child-centred, age appropriate, joyful learning program. It is promoted by V.K. Education Society (VKES), whose promoters in Delhi are imparting quality education through Sai Education Society for the last 25 years.
Among the various Programs adopted by various Pre Schools in Gurgaon, SSWINGS provides an enriching yet challenging environment that supports development of skills essential for your child’s long-term success in school and in life.